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Gokshura 500 mg

Gokshura 500 mg

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Ambrosial Gokshura (Tribulus) Extract 500 Mg Capsules

✔️Ambrosial’s Gokshura 500 mg - 60 Veg Capsules
✔️It is herbal energy revitalization that increases stamina.
✔️Made from 100% pure & natural premium ingredients 
✔️Benefits Hair fall, Neural Problems, Stress, Obesity, Menstruation, Piles, Bedwetting, and Eye problems.

Product Description

The dried fruits of the Gokshura tree, also known as Tribulus Terrestris, are used to make Gokshura. This herb's active components, alkaloids, and phytosterols combine to make it an effective diuretic and aphrodisiac.

Natural pure Gokshura pills from Ambrosial can help with good diuretic actions. Urinary issues, PCOS, prostate gland difficulties, renal problems, and cardiac illnesses can all be helped with Gokshura. It also aids in the development of muscular growth, increased cognitive activity, and increased libido in both men and women.

AmbrosialAyurvedic Gokshura has a lot of appetizer properties; Gokshura is the best stamina booster supplements pills that can also help with digestion. Gokshura is a stamina booster tablet that gives energy and vitality while improving sexual desire.

Aside from urinary issues, Gokshura can help with a variety of issues, including limited water retention capacity.

Buy Ambrosial Gokshura online within United Kingdom, including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, etc.

Product Information

Product Name ‎Gokshura
Units ‎60.00 count
Allergen Information Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Vegan
Type ‎Veg Capsule
Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris ) 500mg per capsule
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